Programming languages are the interface between people and the machines that carry out computation on their behalf. As such, programming languages are fundemantal tools of computing science.

Therefore, we believe that existing languages should be studied deeply, to understand their applications, design process, and their impact on both the programming ecosystem, as well as the programmers’ way of thinking.

Armed with this knowledge we strive to improve programming languages and develop their ecosystems to be efficient at their tasks, ergonomic, and well-suited to their domains.

We do this using a multi-faceted approach incorporating elements of design, mathematics, experimental science, and engineering.

We focus our efforts on JavaScript and R, dynamic languages used ubiquitously in their respective fields of web programming and data science, whose performance affects millions of users. We also have an interest in new and up-comming languages like Julia, which can become stars in their fields and make areas of computing faster and easier.

Join the lab

If you are interested in programming languages and would like to try your hand at programming language research, we encourage you to contact us at j.vitek@neu.edu.

We are constantly looking for smart and ethusiastic people, and may have openings for Bachelor, Master, PhD students, and Post-Doc researchers.

You can find more details regarding interesting project ideas here.


  • July 2017 - Jan Vitek joined Bioconductor Advisory Board, more …

  • May 2017 - Organizing Programming Language Implementation Summer School 2017 in Bertinoro, Italy, more …

  • December 2016 - Tomáš Kalibera joined R core team, more…

  • November 2016 - Tomáš Kalibera joined R foundation, more…